Painting the interior of your home or commercial building can sometimes seem like a scary and overwhelming process. Deciding what color to choose, what type of paint, what walls, even textures can make a difference. And after you decide, it can be minutes before you rethink everything you thought you wanted and start from square one all over again. Daniels Brothers Painting knows that interior painting means you will be living with your choice for quite a while and we want to make sure it is exactly what you want. We take our job seriously and put all of our customers first. We consult you with what type of paint, the colors, and styles that will look best in your room and help you choose ones that will make you fall in love every time you walk into it. You won't find a painting service near Troy, MO that treats its clients better than we do.

Daniels Brothers Painting wants to keep your valuables safe while we are adding to your property; we always take the extra step in making sure what is already there, is protected. We focus on how our work can complement your already beautiful home. We take the time to tape and tarp all walls, coverings, floors, and doors, and never leave the small details missed. We have many years of experience turning rooms around with a simple brush stroke. Painting is our passion and we want to do the dirty work for your house or business. Whether you need just one room or a comprehensive house painting project we assure you, we can get the job done and you will love it. Don’t bother getting your hands dirty, just enjoy the finished product; it will be much easier on you that way.