Home Restoration Painting for Any Project!

Daniels Brothers are Troy, Missouri’s number one painters for all your restoration project needs. We have done everything from mansions to old brick restoration, making what once was old and dingy, new and fresh. Turn your house into your dream home, give life to old fixtures and make them feel brand new. Whether your project is for your home or your business, we can do the restoration work for you.

Remodel, restore, repair, renovate, even begin construction too; the painting contractors at Daniels Brothers will take care of you. The goal in all of our renovations is taking something old and transforming it into something spectacular; the heart of your project is still the foundation, we just make it feel new. Few things can withstand the passage of time, but home restoration can improve even tiniest of things. Our professional team will collaborate with you on how to take what you have and work with it to make something exceptional. We give attention to what matters most, providing every project exceptional craftsmanship with an eye on detail. Our home restoration work is like an art, we always leave you with a masterpiece. House Restoring does not mean getting rid of the old, it simply mean giving it new life. We can take your old fixtures, rooms, structures, surfaces, and even whole houses and transform them into unbelievable spaces. We improve the appearance to add value to what was once overlooked. We use the best materials to give you the best results, satisfaction guaranteed. We want our customers to put their trust in our work because they get to know us like we get to know them. Reliable, dependable, quality service every time. What can we restore for you?