If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you may be getting tired of looking at whatever dull, middle of the road, neutral colors that the previous residents used to paint your walls. Their choices were most likely an attempt to make the house appeal to a wider range of buyers, but now you’re living there and it’s time to turn your Troy house into a home. That means choosing colors that are better suited for your own personal style and the look you’re trying to accomplish in each room of your home.

Neutral is great for selling houses, but most people prefer a color palette that evokes different feelings. Bright, warm colors such as yellow can help to lighten up rooms that seem too dark or dingy. Many people prefer these options for kitchens and bathrooms, where visibility is important. Dark, rich tones like burgundy can used to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for a den or living room. A soft blue is great for the bedroom, where mild tones can make it easy to fall asleep when it’s dark, and help you wake up when it starts getting light in the morning. Don’t agree with any of these color selections? That’s totally understandable! It’s your house and you can have its rooms painted any color that you please.

When it’s time to switch the colors of your home, count on the professional painters at Daniels Brothers Painting. Our interior painting services are fast, clean, and will leave you dazzled as ordinary rooms are transformed into a space that is all you. Don’t spend another day staring at boring, plain walls; contact Troy’s trusted painters today!